“To say Maroon World — a just-launched biannual publication — is unlike other magazines would be an understatement. The ten editorials comprising its inaugural issue do not appear in sequential order; each story’s images aren’t presented cohesively, but shuffled together. This bold break from traditional layout forces viewers to consider how these images interact and coexist. The magazine is also wordless: no editor’s letter or table of contents — just immediate immersion into the richly colorful world the magazine depicts.

This non-traditional format isn’t the only reason Maroon World is an outlier among its glossy peers. Its contributors are familiar (Hood by Air, Ashish Gupta, Naomi Yasuda, and Jay Boogie all share space in its debut issue), but you’ve never seen their work like this. This is because Maroon World considers the nexus between fashion, culture, and art through an entirely POC perspective. Whether it’s images of toddlers getting ready for school in sparkly Ashish or a Hindu bride preparing to to walk down the aisle, each of Maroon World‘s pages is permeated by the beauty and struggle that shape the everyday POC experience.”

Emily Manning, i-D Magazine

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